We are an agency for the moving image.
We conceive and produce films for #digitalcommunication.

#movingimage is getting more and more important. Both facebook and google consider content containing moving image particularly relevant and therefore they rank them better. The #digitaltransformation is in full flood: the traditional transmitter - receiver model is about to be displaced. For more than ten years, Youtube is showing us that everyone can communicate by moving image: receivers become transmitters and transmitters become receivers.

With go all the way with our customers.
From finding ideas to spreading the result in social media.

User get more and more demanding and they are only watching what they are really interested in. Success is less and less ensured by brute repetition frequencies and more and more by #viralpotential. But to achieve that you have to seduce your spectators. Otherwise they won't pass it on.

We drop in, we listen to you, we are distilling the most interesting story with the right narrative, we shoot and edit the best possible film. We advise on placing moving image in social media, in order to achieve the greatest possible effect.

#differencequality A film, simply put on a website, will probably be only little-noticed. So what do you need? Courage, uniqueness, a sense of entertainment. But above all a prior plan of #distribution. Moving image is perfectly suited for social media, especially when you manage to reach target groups for which the product has been conceived. The basic interest will rise and the probability of interaction and further spread through bloggers for example will increase.

Our films make ideas an emotional experience. For our customers however not the film alone is decisive, but the effect that it manages to achieve. We take care of both.